loving !

loving !

Sunday, 8 May 2011

~ tHiNgS i wAnNa dO wITh u ~

stand behind u and hold your waist

talk to u about everything and everything

   share secret n let it always b a secrete

give u my jacket when your cold

   hug u so tight until u can't breath ( ^ ^ )

laugh with you about all the silliest things

   take u somewhere so we can have a romantic talk

let u be with me when your out with frenz

   take picture with u so we can treasure the moment for being with me

when u says that u loves me more - FIGHT BACK !! 
( i never lost, lalalala.. )

   always hug u and say that i love u sgt tewtard 

kizz u when u when u didn't pay attention :P

   tell her u that u always look beautiful in every outfit u wear

kizz u at the cheek in front of my / your frenz

   never cheat on u n never will

hold u close when your cold 

   hold your hands everywhere n anywhere ( even moody )

when people r nasty 2 u, i'll stand up for u

   kiss u on the cheek again

take you for a long walks day n night

   remind u how lucky i am to had u by my side

i'll never change - cuz u loves your as i am

   suprise u with presents ( little2 pun can laaa.. )

always listen 2 u ( even when u talk to much ^^ ) 

   i'll never be ashamed of being in public with u

go clothes shopping with u and always loves to see what u think

   i'll promiz that i will never ever break your heart

always cuddle up ( n i mean always ) 

   make u smile with my silly jokes

kiss u in the rain

   let u fall asleep in my arm o shoulder

hold u close

   kiss the tip of your nose

cudle with her if u when your upset

   never acted like im mad at u

watch the stars at night with u when we had the time

   never force u to do anything

dedicate a song to u such as . . 

   play with your hair

make you laugh 

   put your arm around u when your sat down so u can put your hand on your shouldercheast

let u lie on me

   let u know that there is no other girl that could replace u in my heart

from : Uncle Dean to my love monky Miss Aiza 

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